Synthesis of
Dimethylgold(III)hexafluoroacetylacetonate and
for nanotechnology


Dr. rer. nat. Sarina Krauss

I am specialised for synthesis of metallorganic compounds, especially of volatile gold compounds

Volatile gold-compounds for CVD & MOCVD
  • Dimethylgold(III)hexafluoroacetylacetonat [Me2-Au-hfac (CAS 63470-54-2)]
  • Dimethylgold(III)trifluoroacetylacetonat [Me2-Au-tfac (CAS 63470-53-1)]
  • Dimethylgold(III)acetylacetonat [Me2-Au-acac (CAS 14951-50-9)]
  • Chlor(trifluorphosphin)gold(I) [ClAuPF3 (CAS 141845-34-3)]
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